Woody Galloway, Photographer, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Sometimes to sit and be seen by the tree and touched by the leaves is to find the image worth sharing" ... Woody Galloway

There are images that reflect hope, and sometimes I will drive hours to go visit them.  Like the Rio Grande near Pilar, New Mexico.  The canyon walls hold the flowing green water and the red willows sway, and I sit awhile.  I have taken hundreds of photographs of these silent teachers, and once in a while an image speaks, “go share me.”
It’s a five hour round-trip drive to Bosque del Apache.  I go there just to watch and listen for an hour.  Ten thousand sandhill cranes and thirty thousand snow geese fly through the sunset.  There are three layers of silhouetted purple mountains, the birds, sun, and in the wonder of the evening I know it’s not about me but the oneness of it all.
When I was a young boy in Arkansas, fishing in the swamps in the late evening, I loved the call of the big bull frogs.  Now sometimes it’s the call of the silent snow.  I remember when I captured the image of the Santa Fe Plaza Winter.  It was ten thirty at night and the snow was falling like feathers and there was a stillness and silence in the night air.  I drove downtown and no one was there but me and the snow and magical lights in the trees.  It was December 20, 1990.  I made a card of this simple image with a poem on the back.  The poem was about love, written by my ten year old daughter, Stephanie, to a woman terminally ill with cancer.  The image and the poem was printed on cards and posters fifty thousand times.  It is still delivering a (it’s) message of hope.

Two years ago, as I was driving north of Abiquiu, New Mexico, something unusual was developing in the evening sky.  The clouds near the horizon were mystical, making colors of mauve and maroon as the sun descended behind them.  I waited.  I set up my tripod, camera, and Nikon 500 mm lens using Fuji Provia F100 film.  When the image was printed, the sun was surrounded with an aura of golden red with two purple stripes through the center, held up by black silhouetted mountains and trees.  Thousands of sunsets have graced me, but this image of hope is the most wondrous.  It's called Mystic Evening I.
Yes, I am humbled by the gifts that greet my eyes through the lens.  In the near future, the best of the images will be published so the twenty years of passion can be shared more freely.  Please come and share with me the wonder. These images are about us.


Love is great, greater than any power on earth. If you show love to people it not only makes them feel happy, it makes you feel happy. It is easy for you to show love to people you know, but what about people you don't know, it is very hard to love them. It is easy to say I love you, but it is hard to show it. Sometimes when you love someone they don't always love you, but never stop loving them. Love holds people together and love is what friends are made of, so remember to always love one another, and be nice. Love can climb the tallest tree, the highest hill and overcome the most power of evil.

by Stephanie Galloway, age 10

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