Woody Galloway, Photographer, Santa Fe, New Mexico


There was a big snowstorm in northern New Mexico, and I wanted to take some photographs of some mountains near Chama. It was early Sunday morning, and as I drove above the Cumbres pass, there was a white-out from blowing snow. I thought my photographic day was over.

As I drove back down the mountain, and passed through the little town of Chama, I glanced off to my left near the old narrow gauge railroad yard, and on top of one of the boxcars was a small red fox.

I said to myself, “There’s a fox!”

And my words must have vibrated towards him, becuase no sooner had I said it when he hid behind a pile of snow. I drove in the opposite direction across the road so as not to frighten him, and rolled down my window. I called to him.

I said “I love you.”

The third time I called to him, I said “I love you immensely!”

All I could see was his little red ears above the snow pile. The next thing I did was roll down the other window in my truck. I put on Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits and after a brief moment, his head rose up above the pile of snow with extreme curiosity.

I said to him, “Can I get a little closer?”

I put my truck in 4 wheel drive and drove toward him through a foot of snow, and he never moved. I shot a full roll of film, and then I asked, “Would you let me change the lense on my camera?” And he let me shoot another roll of film. I turned the music up and he stood up to listen. He let me spend a half an hour with him and take over a hundred photographs. It was a moment with a magic fox that loved music.

Galloway Images, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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