Woody Galloway, Photographer, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Take What You Want and Leave the Rest

Do not be too severe on yourself, let it go, go slow
Like clothes, every body will wear out
Learn before you speak
When someone is finished, they are only beginning
Do not abandon your heart to grief
The race is not always won by the speediest
nor the battle by the champion
From too much worry comes illusion, there is a season for everything
As long as you live and there is breath in your body,
do not yield power over yourself to anyone
Remember to always come to the love you are
Time slips by between dawn and dusk
the wise will be cautious in everything
Do not refuse yourself the good things of today
give, and receive, enjoy yourself
There is the person who buys much for little,
and pays for it seven times over
Until one is committed, there is hesitancy
the moment you commit, then providence moves you,
all sorts of things occur to help you to the goal
Don't forget yourself, don't forget your creator,
who intoxicates you with His favors
Finally, stick to the advice your own heart gives you,
no one can be truer to you than that

Oh! Yes

Come, come, where ever you are.
 There is an ocean running through the chambers of my heart.
 Please, come and swim with me,
and let the waves take us to the shore,
to feel the movement of our breath in each others souls.

The Elephant Story

He was small.  They put a big chain on his right hind leg.
They put the chain on a stake in the ground.
 He tried the whole day to pull the stake out, and go free for awhile.
 He was only a few hundred pounds then.
 Six months later he was five hundred pounds,
and when he would hear the chain rattle,
and feel the tug agains this leg he would go no further.
 Two years later, he was 5000 LBS
and the tent that was his home burned to the grown one night.
He was the world’s most famous trained elephant.
 They found him the next morning, his life gone,
because he did not think he could be free.

Love Life Death

Two of them will visit you. The third is a choice
that has the key to unlock the universe.
 Two of them, you have little choice over the visiting.
 One you can't deny today.
 Just try to hold your breath for a minute.
 One will be knocking at your door someday,telling you to say goodbye.
 The third, if you find it resting in your heart, will never leave you.
 The flowing will continue even,after the sun has gone.
 All three are marvelous gifts, may you embrace them all.

The Wind

The wind touches the leaves,
and some are falling to the ground and others dancing.
 The wind and the trees make love so the forest will not disappear.
I have felt the wind bring the flower and rest it upon my heart.
 I have felt the flower in the wind, take me to the sweetness of her petals,
against the moving waves, and the ocean comes to visit.
 The wind, the stranger, that has no beginning, andno ending,
come take me with you for a day
to feel the freedom of your sacred journey.


Who will set a guard on my mouth,
an efficient seal on my lips,
to keep me from falling,
and my tongue from causing my ruin?
Lord, father and master of my life,
do not abandon me to their whims,
do not let me fall because of them.
Lay whips to my thoughts,
and the discipline of wisdom to my heart,
so my faults do not go unchecked,
and my errors multiply.  Make my heart a peaceful heart.
You have created me and fixed a place
for my tent in your kingdom.

Make a Difference

There was a great night storm along the coast of Mexico.
 It washed up thousands of starfish onto the shore for a mile or so
near this resort town.  A Mexican man was out early the next morning,
bending over picking up starfish one at a time and throwing them back into the ocean.
 A tourist watched him for a long time, and then went to tell the Mexican man,
"Can't you see there are thousands of starfish on the shore?"
 The tourist went on to say, "It makes no differencewhat you are doing."
 The Mexican man bent down once more and threw another starfish into the ocean.
 He quietly said, "It made a difference to that one."


What is this movement that blesses me so gently, moment by moment.
 I know it is not my breathing, but what breathes me.
Before you close your eyes tonight, in your breath look for me.
You will feel my warmth, the gentle in and out
that blesses the temple you are.
 If you listen, you can hear the angels whisper in your ear through the night
"You are love, and loved,you are enough, there is time enough.
 Come, come wherever you are, and taste the sweetness in the garden.
A good night's rest is upon you."


I think we could see a great deal more if we believed more.
We look at something and see only a small part of it,
because we don't believe there is any more.
The creator's work is born through us, it is not our possession,
but a natural funcition of our souls.
Stop and see, and welcome the creative wonders that are within your being.
Manifest the magnificence of who you are,
the image, and likeness of the living presence.

Galloway Images, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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